A step further in the support
of the joint function 

The joint pathology has a high incidence.
It may result from an over-charge in a healthy joint or
from a normal load in a predisposed joint.

  • Inflammation and reduction of joint space
  • Osteophytes
  • Osteocondensation

WeJoint® Plus guarantees in a 
single product a joint reinforcement
nd a regeneration effect, as well as
the control of pain and inflammation.

  • Krill Oil
  • ​Vitamin C
  • Native Type II Collagen
  • Manganese Sulfate

It is essential to halt this process
of degradation and inflammation,
as well as controlling pain, giving
the animal quality of life.

It is recommended for young and growing animals,
animals with high physical activity, and in any situation
of joint disease (inflammatory, traumatic, degenerative
or when there is joint immobilization).


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